About Us

Officially launched in September 2020, Grameen Impact Ventures (GIV) is a tech-driven eco-system aggregator operating a network of last-mile women agents in the hinterland who take financial and non-financial services to the doorsteps of their community.

GIV aims to help low-income rural communities improve their financial well-being and reduce income shocks by leveraging digital platforms with a bouquet of financial and non-financial products and services, led by women changemakers.

To help marginalized, low-income communities, especially women, come out of poverty using scalable, innovative digital solutions.

Meet Our Team Members

Suresh Krishna

Board Member- GIV

Col. Prakash Tewari

Board Member- GIV

Prabhat Labh

Co-founder and CEO, GIV

Arabdha Das

Associate Director-Business Planning & Financial Linkage

Induja Rai

Associate Director- Institutional Relations

Pawan Katyal

Associate Director-Operations

Jayraj Nath

Head - Technology

Susanta Saha

Associate Director – Finance & Accounts

Rahul Sinha

Associate Director - Client Insights for Impact

Piyush Singh

Project Director